Auckland Maori Culture & Landmarks Tour

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Maori Culture and Beautiful Landscape

The Auckland landscape sits on a massive landscape of volcanoes some 48 in total and once was a hotspot the last volcano erupting was rang you Rangitoto Island some 600 years ago. This volcanic activity has left Auckland a very interesting and undulating landscape geographically and ascetically with rich soils and amazing views of New Zealand’s largest urban city.

Some of these volcanoes were used strongholds for military equipment before the first world war as there was a threat of invasion from Russia. The extinct volcanoes are scattered all over Auckland and beyond extending out into the harbours of the Waitemata and Manuka.

The Auckland Maori culture and landmark tour is a private small group tour that is flexibly Meant to educate you and give you a visual feast of the city of Auckland. This tour is based around the idea of giving you a view of the landscape and some of the Maori Pa sites where and how they have lived in the area since 1300 A.D.

The tour includes Marie cultural performance at the Auckland War Memorial Museum Where you’ll see the Haka performed and get face to face with local Maori warriors and warrior princesses.